Backlinks for your online shop: 20 simple techniques

If you want to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) of your e-commerce business, you have no choice but to get backlinks for your online store to improve the popularity of your website in the eyes of Google.

The techniques I will talk about in detail are no better than other, more classical techniques like guest posting or creating content of the highest quality, but implementing such a strategy takes time and I know from experience that e-shop operators are in a hurry.

Do you dream of placing your business on the first page of Google?

Discover the method I use to put your shop on the Google homepage. I’d like to offer you some techniques that will get you there quickly and easily.

Copy your competitors

Use Semrush, Majestic or Ahref and enter the URL of your competitors. These tools allow you to retrieve the backlinks that point to their website. By examining these links, you can determine if your website deserves to appear on these pages. If this is the case, contact the webmaster to ask him to add your link. How to easily get backlinks for your online shop is described below.

Contact your manufacturers and suppliers

Many manufacturers have a website with a “Our Resellers” page. Just ask them to add your website.

Send your products to Bloggers

Find bloggers who talk about your topic and contact them with an offer to send them a product for testing. In return, ask them to post a linked article on their blog.

Be careful: it’s important to send only products that you are convinced are of good quality, because a self-respecting blogger will not say anything good about a product that he didn’t like.

Always try to contact bloggers of your level. If you are not yet very well known in your field, do not contact professional bloggers, but rather less well known bloggers.

Send your products to Youtubers

Blogging is all well and good, but you have to keep up with the times and at the moment, YouTube works best. You can contact YouTubers just like you do bloggers. The recommendations are the same.

There are more and more Youtube channels specialized in product testing. It’s exactly what you need and it’s very easy to find.

Participate in events

You will probably participate in events (if not, you should). I’m not talking about having a stand at the Toy Fair in Zurich (although that would be a good idea if you have the budget), but about being present at events in your region and asking the organisers if they have a website with the list of participants. Ask them to add one or maybe more backlinks to your online shop on this page.


It’s not about sponsoring the Tour de Suisse, but about being present on site. There are very regular raffles in your region. Simply offer a few prizes among your products and in return ask to be mentioned on the website of the association that organizes them.

Sponsor a competition

If you can sponsor a local raffle, you can do the same with competitions on the net. Look for blogs that deal with your topic and occasionally organize contests. Ask them if you can offer some of your products in a future blog contest. Don’t forget to ask for a link to your website on the contest page.

Local websites

The website of my town hall has a page with the list of companies in the municipality, I have asked for a link and you? There are all kinds of local websites where you can appear: Town hall, local government, regional directories, etc. You can also contact the online newspapers of the towns in your area. The reporters of these small newspapers are always looking for new topics. Let them interview you and of course don’t forget to ask them to add a link to your website.

Do a favour

Of course you follow Facebook pages, blogs, Twitter accounts and other pages that talk about your topic. It happens to everyone, even the best, that they make mistakes. It could be a link that doesn’t work, a picture that doesn’t appear, a spelling mistake, etc. If you see this kind of error on one of the sites you regularly follow, report the error to the owner.

If the problem was rather debilitating or if you regularly find small problems, there will come a time when it would be perfectly legitimate to ask the author to return the favor by writing a few lines about you and adding a link to your site.

Creating partnerships

There will certainly be online shops that offer products that complement yours, but are not competitors. It is interesting for you to enter into partnerships with these shops.
Contact them and suggest that they appear on a page that you call, for example, “the shops to discover”. In return, they must of course do the same.

Your “shops to discover” page should not contain too many websites. A maximum of 5 or even 7 shops seems reasonable. Of course, in this kind of partnership, the exchange must be fair. The page on which your shop will appear on your partner’s website must not contain too many links either, must be easily accessible and your partner’s website must be on the same level as yours.

Social networks

No, here I will not explain how to use social networks to bring traffic to your website. This will certainly be the topic of a future article, but we are here to find solutions to get links quickly.

The fact is that social networks allow you to create profiles where you can describe your activity and add links to your website.

Even if you don’t intend to communicate on these networks, nothing prevents you from creating your profiles in advance. Start with the three most popular ones: Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter.

Backlinks für den Online Shop mit Sozialen Netzwerken

Contact your best customers

To thank your best customers, you can send them a free product and ask them to try it. In return, they write an article/test about your product that you can publish on your blog. Then ask them to talk about it on Facebook (and elsewhere) and they will be very proud that they have been asked to test your products. You have just won a simple article on your blog and hopefully a Mini-Buzz!

Use your images

If you take your own images and they are of good quality, it is possible that other people have used them without telling you. If it’s a competitor, you’ll have to crack down hard, but if not, this is your opportunity to contact the person using one of your images and ask them to link to your website. After all, they had no right to use your photo without your permission, so it’s the least they can do.

First of all, I advise you to fill in your alt tags correctly so that your images can be found easily.

To find out who’s using your photos, you can use Google’s image search. Submit your photo or simply enter its URL and Google will search for matching images.

You can even go further and get people to use your photos. You can do this by posting your photos to free image databases like Flickr (under Creative Common License). These image databases are often used by bloggers looking for free images to illustrate their articles.

Finding broken links

There are different methods to use broken links to your advantage, but the method I suggest is the fastest in my opinion.

Search the blogs that talk about your topic and use the software ahref to find broken links in these blogs. For each broken link that corresponds to the topic of your website, contact the author and ask him to replace his broken link with one or more backlinks to your online shop.

Introduce yourself in the forums

Forums are great, but participating in them takes a lot of time. Even though it is a great way to get traffic, I will not talk about this tactic today.

The idea is that there are many forums where you can introduce yourself. If you introduce yourself, it is perfectly legitimate to say that you are the owner of the website “” and therefore add your URL.

This is not only a very good way to get feedback on your website, but also allows you to get one or two backlinks.

Backlinks for your online shop through communities

In social networks there are many groups and some consist of thousands of users. If your products could be of interest to these communities, it is perfectly legitimate to leave a message with a link to your products from time to time.

Subscribe to the directories

So the directories are supposedly dead. In reality, most SEOs say that the technique of massively registering in the directories no longer works and this is probably true. But despite all this, a quality directory has every reason to exist because it allows you to find sites on specific and topics. It is therefore in your interest to find a few directories (maximum 10) where you can present your website.

Attention: It is important to pay attention to the quality of the directory, it must correspond to your topic, be regularly updated, be visually clean and be several months / years old.

To find it is very easy: Enter “your keyword + directory” in Google – done.

Interview a blogger

Earlier, I suggested that you send your products to bloggers to test them. But you will have a hard time reaching bloggers who have a large following. On the other hand, you can offer them an interview that you publish on your website. In return, simply ask the blogger to put a link to the interview on their website.

Your Testimonial

As a trader, you probably use services or products. The companies certainly have a website, maybe even a “customer testimonials” page. Ask the webmaster to publish a customer statement from you with a link to your website. This is how it works with the backlinks to your online shop

Profit from competitors who cease operations

Sometimes competitors of yours discontinue operations. This is already good news for you, but you can go further by retrieving their links as soon as their website is no longer accessible. Go to ahref, open site explorer or majestic seo and enter the URL of the website. You will get a list of links that point to it and therefore no longer work. Contact the webmaster and suggest to him to replace the link to your competitor with yours.


I won’t ask you here to create and keep your page up to date, because that also takes time. However, there is a feature on this site, which you may not be aware of, that allows you to suggest content to the owners of the page.

So go to and search for the keywords that correspond to your shop (you must have an account for this). Find pages with an interesting number of impressions and use the suggestion function in the upper left corner. If the author is looking for new content (which is often the case), he will gladly add your site to his page.


I have given you quite a few tips to get backlinks for your online shop. There are of course hundreds or even thousands of other possibilities – it’s all a matter of imagination. But I wanted to focus mainly on techniques that can be implemented quickly.

But before you claim or create a link, you should always ask yourself if it will be of high quality. In fact, recent updates from Google have largely proven that poor quality links can seriously affect a site’s SEO.

You will find many articles on the web that explain what a quality link is. These articles can sometimes be quite technical. The quality of your link portfolio is measured by trust and citation flow, among other things. How you can use these metrics to advance your link building, you can read in my blog article on this topic.

Personally, I’ve simplified things a lot. When I want to create a new link to my website, I ask myself two questions: 1) “Can this link bring me qualified visitors? ” 2) “Would I be ashamed if my website would be mentioned on this page?”

If the answers are “yes” for the 1st question and “no” for the 2nd, then I can add my link on this site!

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