What are the advantages of SEO for your company?

“What are the advantages of SEO?” did you ask yourself that? In this article I will show you why SEO is the preferred traffic source for e-merchants.

In this guide I will explain the advantages of SEO and why you should implement an SEO strategy on your website.

As a reminder, SEO is the abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”, with which you aim to be positioned on the first results page of the search engine with the search terms that are relevant to you, also known as natural ranking.

If you see “SEO”, “natural ranking” or “ranking” in the rest of this article, these terms are used to describe the same.

Organic ranking is the most profitable lever for acquisition.

Without profitability you will sooner or later be forced to give up your business!

Increasing your turnover or number of customers means more and more work, but not necessarily more profit.

If you invest 100,000 Euros per year in advertising to achieve a turnover of 120,000 Euros and this increase means that you have to hire an additional person, it is unlikely that you will be profitable in the end.

This is a situation that you cannot counter with natural ranking, because it has the great SEO advantage of bringing you customers for free.

Do not confuse SEO and SEA!

SEO has even more advantages: SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization” and includes strategies to improve the ranking of your website in Google’s natural results.

SEA stands for “Search Engine Advertising”.

In order to improve your ranking and reach the first positions in the search engines, you obviously need to allocate the necessary resources of time and money.

But once correctly positioned, the traffic you get is free.

Every new client costs you 0 CHF, which makes SEO the most profitable pillar of acquisition.

We often read that you have to work continuously on the search engine optimization (SEO) of your website to prevent it from falling behind in the search results.

This is partly true, because it depends mainly on your competitors.

Will they try to outperform you? Will they be able to do so? etc.

If you have worked well on your SEO, your competitors will have a hard time catching up with you, because they have to do better than you!

In many cases, they get discouraged before they even start, which means you can stay in Google’s top positions for a very long time without extra effort.

Ranking brings constant and predictable revenue.

Once your website is correctly positioned in Google, you will have new visitors every day in a constant and predictable way.

The number of users who enter the same keyword into Google each month varies very little and depends only on seasonality or current events.

This predictability is particularly useful and remarkable!

Knowing how much each visit brings me, I can easily predict the turnover that organic traffic will generate and therefore predict my investment, which is a remarkable advantage of SEO.

The ranking attracts visitors who are really interested in your products.

Most other acquisition levers work on the principle of “push marketing”.

With “push marketing” you bombard a maximum number of internet users with your product, hoping that some of them will be interested.

This is the case, for example, with advertising, which interrupts the Internet user while he is surfing in order to offer him your product.

The problem with the interruption is that by definition it interrupts the Internet user while he is doing something he already likes (watching a video, reading his children’s Facebook messages, etc.).

Therefore, for your advertising to be effective, it must:

  1. interrupt as many people as possible
  2. be attractive enough to “disassociate” them from what they are already doing.

This requires you to create increasingly attractive advertising offers so that your advertising can attract a small percentage of potential customers.

The advertising costs and the advertising you are forced to do therefore drastically reduce your profit margins and attract customers who are primarily interested in the price rather than the quality of your products.

With natural ranking, the opposite is true, because it is a “pull marketing” technique, the aim of which is to make customers aware of your product and to do so when they need it.

When an Internet user enters a keyword in Google, it means that he is trying to solve a problem.

And this is the best time for you to step up and offer your products as a solution.

You don’t have to give a discount to interest your prospect, because he or she is already actively looking for an answer.

Your role will simply be to show him that your product is the best solution to his problem. And this advantage of SEO will also have a positive effect on your company image.

That’s why natural ranking is considered the lever that attracts the most qualified visitors to your website.

Your natural ranking leaves the competition behind.

The principle of SEO is to place your website before your competitors.

So improving your SEO will inevitably increase your visibility and reduce that of your competitors.

But the effect of a good SEO strategy radiates far beyond the results pages of Google.

Your competitors who prefer advertising or social networks will also feel the consequences.

As we saw earlier, natural SEO is the only traffic acquisition strategy that will bring you free customers.

Therefore, you will have a higher profit margin than your competitors and these additional profits will help you establish your dominance in the market.

You can for example :

  • lower the price of your products and be cheaper than your competitors,
  • offer additional services,
  • invest in superior customer service,
  • offer free shipping,
  • and so on

Thanks to the organic ranking, you have freedoms that your competitors do not have and that allow you to put a lot of pressure on them.

Organic ranking is a solid and safe strategy

Here is an SEO advantage that will help you build a solid SEO future: You have probably already read that many websites are banned by Google and maybe you even know someone who has been banned from the index.

When sites are banned, it’s simply because they haven’t understood what Google expects them to do.

Most of the time, they rely heavily on technology to try to influence search results.

Of course, Google does not appreciate this kind of search engine marketing and provides the necessary means to prevent this kind of manipulation.

If the search engine giant finds that a website does not follow the rules it imposes, the verdict is immediately due.

On the other hand, if you understand what Google expects from you and if you know how to implement a good SEO strategy, you are not taking any risks.

I will tell you exactly how to implement this in my article How to implement SEO for an e-commerce site.

On the contrary, the numerous updates that Google makes throughout the year will be to your advantage.

And you will be able to watch your competitors fall one by one while your site quietly rises without doing anything.

SEO proves your competence.

Google’s mission is to answer the questions of internet users, but Google cannot do this alone.

It needs sites like yours.

If you improve your SEO, you will not only be appreciated by Google, but also by your potential customers.

Because by answering their question, you prove them two things:

  1. that you understand them and that you know them.
  2. that you have the competence to solve their problem.

When potential customers see that you are an expert in your field, their trust in you will grow.

Search engine optimization improves the conversion rate

As we saw earlier, creating pages that answer the questions of Internet users increases the trust they place in you and thus the conversion rate of your website – a fundamental benefit of SEO.

Get an overview of the profitability of various online marketing tools. This also shows that SEO, along with e-mail marketing, is the most profitable measure for your online shop.

But to answer your questions correctly, it is not enough to write good texts.

You also need a website that is easy to use and guides the user to the content he needs to get his answer.

So to improve the ranking of your website, you also need to improve its usability.

By using the keywords that your customers use and by organizing the information logically, you will make the task of your prospects much easier.

This will necessarily optimize your conversion rate and your sales.

Your ranking will also improve other acquisition levers

SEO integrates perfectly with your other acquisition levers, such as social networks or advertising.

If you create content that works well for your ranking, it is because it responds well to the problems of your customers.

There is therefore a good chance that it will also be effective in advertising.

This way you can create your advertising campaigns from your best SEO content and improve your return on investment.

SEO content offers advantages for social network communication

By splitting a single SEO page, you can get 5 to 10 posts for publication on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

SEO allows you to immerse yourself in the daily lives of your clients

SEO is also very effective when it comes to always being present in the minds of your customers.

As long as the visitors you attract don’t cost you anything, you can bring them to purely informative content behind which you have no intention of selling your products.

So you are visible every day when your customers search on Google.

They will therefore remember your brand much more easily when it comes to buying one of your products.

Natural ranking strengthens your business

Natural ranking is the only completely independent pillar of visitor acquisition.

By this I mean that it does not depend on your cash flow or your time.

If you are unable to work for a certain time (e.g. due to holidays or illness), customers will continue to come and place orders.

This way you can get away from your business and keep a strategic vision.

This is not the case with social networks, which only generate visits and sales if you publish several times a day.

And if you only use advertising to attract new customers, you run the risk of falling into a dangerous spiral.

Since your traffic is directly dependent on your cash flow, you no longer have the opportunity to trigger new sales and thus replenish your cash box in the event of an accident.

You are then in a more than delicate situation from which it is difficult to escape.

This type of problem cannot occur with organic ranking, as it is not related to your cash flow and time.

Thanks to organic ranking, your company is simply stronger and can grow more easily. As you can see, the advantages of SEO as a main pillar of your communication strategy are remarkable.

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