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Do you want to boost e-commerce sales?

When it comes to e-commerce, targeted search engine optimization must be included. E-commerce SEO requires specific strategies to ensure that you attract the right customers to your business. Don’t have an e-commerce website yet? I’ll build you a tailor-made online shop based on the leading e-commerce solution WooCommerce and best of all: WooCommerce is free!


When it comes to e-commerce, it is not enough to hire a company that only specializes in digital marketing. You should entrust your website to someone who has a broad knowledge of e-commerce and SEO.

I have been developing online solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in Switzerland since 2007. During this time I have worked with e-commerce clients in various industries, so I have a solid understanding of e-commerce solutions and SEO for online shops.

The challenge of e-commerce SEO

With huge product volumes, online shops can be difficult to handle for search engine optimization. I am able to develop an effective and scalable approach to optimizing large websites without losing focus on details.

The feeling for both the big picture and the details is what makes a sound SEO strategy for online shops. Whether you are a well established company or a new player in the market, you should be able to benefit from a good e-commerce SEO service.

Our e-commerce SEO strategy

As your small and lean e-commerce SEO agency in Landquart, we work with you in the following ways

Technical Audit: The first step is to analyze all your existing content. For this very technical task we work with a technical SEO expert (Michel Binder, Online Marketing Freelancer) to locate duplicate products, broken links and dead-end sites. Then all your valuable content is indexed so that your customers can easily navigate through it.

The SEO legend Brian Dean brings SEO for e-commerce to the point. He describes the 4 most important ranking factors for your online shop:

  • Domain authority
  • Product page optimization
  • Long product description
  • Website architecture.

Watch this video to get an overview:

Design Review: Next, we will review your design once your website structure is fully functional. It’s useless to get you more customers if they can’t navigate your website properly – right? If the visual elements of your website are not in place, it is likely that your customers will buy somewhere else. So I will go through every important layout aspect. By using strategic visual elements, such as well-placed call-to-actions, we can also increase your conversion rates.

Keyword research: Once the technical aspect of your website is covered, we need to start looking for profitable keywords for your business. This includes long-tail keywords that are less competitive and promise a higher conversion rate. This step will affect your website architecture, URLs and OnPage optimization. This will ensure that the search engine understands which keyword a particular page should be displayed for.

Category pages: Category pages are processed methodically. Imagine you enter a grocery store: even if you go to a store you haven’t been to before, it is easy to find vegetables, cleaning products or bread. This is because everything is categorized. It is precisely this systematic approach that will ensure that your customers will find your website through the search engines by optimizing your category pages.

Product optimization: Your products will get everything they deserve to shine in the eyes of your customers. I work with sales texts, design, images, on-page SEO, schema markups and so on. Everything is checked and optimized to make your product pages more visible.

Webshopbau: Your small e-commerce SEO agency in Landquart

Are you ready to increase your e-commerce traffic and sales? This is great! I’m here to help you. Let us work together to find the best SEO strategy for your business. Contact me and get a free consultation today!